Why You Should Consider An In-Home Photo Session

While you’re brainstorming location ideas for your upcoming photo shoot, one you may not have even considered is your own home. Utilizing your home for this purpose is an incredible idea for so many reasons, especially for those wanting a uniquely tailored experience. In addition, these kinds of shoots provide a level of intimacy that truly can not be re-created anywhere else. Below are some of my favorite reasons why you should consider an in-home photo session.


It’s A Safe Space

Your home is most likely where you feel most comfortable in the world. It’s your safe space, your haven, and where you spend a good chunk of your time. Because of this, photoshoots done in your own home can have a level of security and comfort that simply can’t be achieved anywhere else. Especially for those on the more introverted side, an at-home photoshoot can really allow you to feel like your most authentic self. You can avoid potential observers entirely and focus on being in the moment. If this is your first shoot ever, being nervous is completely normal! Your level of comfort will more than likely be increased dramatically if you’re in your own home, which is a huge plus.


Your Pets Can Make An Appearance

For many of us with pets, having the opportunity to include your furry friend in a photo shoot is an absolute dream. Unfortunately, traveling to a location can make this far more difficult, or even impossible, depending on the distance. When taking advantage of an in-home session, it’s incredibly easy to feature your pet in a few photos (or all of them). This, again, adds a level of personality and intimacy that can make the photos all that much more special. 


You Can Show Off Your Style

One of the best aspects of our homes is that it is perfectly tailored to who we are. Most often, we’ve designed these spaces from the depths of our own creativity and style, which will show in the photos produced. Whether it’s colorful bookshelves, fine art prints lining the walls, or quirky pillow choices, you can share these personalized touches through the captured photos. Being able to capture the personality of the home provides a truly special and unique quality that simply can’t be obtained any other way. If you’ve spent time and energy cultivating interior decor that you are proud of, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off!

There is honestly no better way to add a personalized touch to a shoot than to do it at home. The world is full of gorgeous, iconic shoot locations, but none will be as “uniquely you” as your own space.


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