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Do you constantly see gorgeous photos from Palm Springs but have no idea where to stay? After spending many years visiting lots of hotels in Palm Springs, I have found my top 10 favorite boutique hotels that I think you should consider for your upcoming trip!


Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs California



Have you seen countless gorgeous photos of Palm Springs but have no idea where you should stay? After spending many years visiting various stunning hotels in Palm Springs, I have officially found my top 10 favorite boutique hotels that you should consider for your upcoming trip!

Ace Hotel & Swim Club

The Ace has always been one of my favorite places to bring friends from out of town. This hotel is both youthful and fun, making it a great vacation spot. Whether you are eating a meal at Kings Highway, chatting it up in The Amigo Room, or laying poolside, the service and the vibes are always immaculate. If you’re coming for brunch, give the Avocado Toast a try and pair it with an Iced Oat Milk Vanilla Latte. Or consider trying the fried chicken sandwich paired with the Picante Amante cocktail.



Arrive hotel is located in downtown Palm Springs on the ever-popular Palm Canyon Drive! This hotel has a huge pool with so many wonderful amenities such as poolside cabanas with comfortable lounging, a spacious bar, an adorable interior design for each room, and it’s even dog friendly! My friends and I love to come here for a drink and to play a game of ping pong or bocce ball. 


Villa Royale

Villa Royale is an adult-only oasis that was built in the ’40s. With so much vintage California architecture and artwork, this place feels even more elevated and romantic than usually found in Palm Springs. This is the place old Hollywood stars would come visit when they wanted to escape the bustling city of LA. Enjoy 3 stunning pools surrounded by mountain views at Villa Royale! 


Casa de Monte Vista

Casa de Monte Vista is a gorgeous property tucked behind downtown Palm Springs at the very base of the mountain. This property is very intimate with only a few unique rooms. Casa de Monte Vista is another spot that Hollywood stars would come to visit in the early 1900s. With a historical background and gorgeous finishes, this place makes for the perfect, quiet getaway location. 



Korakia Pensione is one of my favorite all-time favorite places in Palm Springs. With a Moroccan feel and breathtaking architecture, you will love it! With a stunning pool, wellness offerings, yoga, meditation, outdoor movies, Moroccan tea, and more I can guarantee you will have a relaxing stay at Korakia.


Sands Hotel & Spa

This spa is the perfect combination of quirky and luxurious. With the iconic Pink Cabana and its spa, this is truly an iconic location in Palm Springs. This hotel is the perfect place to take part in a photoshoot or simply brunch with your besties!


Holiday House

Sisters of the Sands Hotel, this spot is another one of my personal favorites. This hotel is right off of Palm Canyon Drive and has a very fun, cozy atmosphere. Holiday House allows you to relax by the pool all day and walk a short distance to all the best restaurants, bars, and shopping spots for your convenience.


Casa Cody

Casa Cody is one of my favorite venues in Palm Springs and it’s one of the oldest hotels in the city! Built in the 20’s, this hotel is nestled up against the San Jacinto mountains, in the heart of Palm Springs. Each room has so much character with a unique story to tell that will leave you wanting to extend your trip.


Les Cactus

This is a very intimate hotel that is more quiet compared to others. Palm Springs is known for being a bustling location so this secluded spot provides the perfect break from the action! Each room is bright and unique and this hotel has quite a few amenities such as a massage room, bicycles, an outdoor fire pit, complimentary snacks and breakfast, and Casper mattresses in each room! 



The Saguaro is absolutely iconic and a true Palm Springs staple. I decided to stay here in April 2021 to see what it was all about and it did not disappoint, even amid the pandemic. This boutique hotel is photogenic, energetic, and a place to really let loose and party. The rooms have so many fun details and the hotel itself is in a central location in Palm Springs. 




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