The Magically Beautiful City Of Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city packed full of rich culture, gorgeous views, and a whole lot of history. The idea of getting married in this location is what dreams are made of. You can picture yourself surrounded by incredible sights, warm sandy beaches, local food, and delicious wines with the person you love most in the world. The wedding photos you two will take here will be some of the most incredible photos of your lifetime, that’s a guarantee. Below are some of my favorite reasons to consider taking your wedding abroad to the magically beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Weddings In Lisbon

The options for weddings in Lisbon are truly remarkable. You can take advantage of the beautiful stretches of beach, opt for a traditional wedding in a stunning cathedral filled with history, or even take your wedding to a local Lisbon winery. It’s super simple to travel to this country, making things easier on you and your guests. And, because it’s connected by land to most of Europe, you can easily travel to other parts of the continent following the nuptials and make the most of your travels. Getting married in this vibrant city is significantly less expensive than many other places as well. Eloping here costs an average of only $1000, most often with food and drink included. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

The Culture

The immense amount of culture you will find in Portugal is unbelievable. Freshly caught fish vendors line the city markets while local wineries share the fruits of their labor on most corners. The city itself was established in 1200 BCE, making it one of the older cities in Europe. Because of this, you can visually see the history in the architecture and the city itself. One of the best parts of any city’s culture is the food. Lisbon is known for its delicious desserts, known as pastéis de natas, which pairs beautifully with a glass of Arinto. The locals will make you feel at home and I would be willing to bet you’ll never want to leave.

The Scenery

The climate in Lisbon is unmatched, with nearly 300 days of sunshine every year. This makes having a wedding any time of year possible. The city is known for its castle-like architecture, sweeping sea views, and lush green vineyards. The wide array of options for wedding photo backdrops allows you to get a little bit of everything all in one place. Because of this city’s beachy vibes, you can capitalize on being in this stunning spot and stick around for your honeymoon here as well.


This session took place at Palácio Nacional da Ajuda in Lisbon.

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