September 26, 2020

Sunrise Elopement at Colchuck Lake

Davin & Claire are the sweetest couples from Illinois. They drove cross country to Washington for their wedding week in the North Cascades at Colchuck Lake and it was indeed such a dream elopement. After being in touch for nearly eight months of planning, it was so lovely to meet them for the first time, even if it was 3 am. I was staying in Leavenworth the night before at a cute lodge, and they picked me up the morning of their big day so we could ride together to the trailhead for their sunrise elopement at Colchuck Lake.

When we arrived, it was still pitch black outside, but the parking lot was full. It had been almost two years since I had done this hike, and it has become more and more popular! We scarfed down a quick breakfast, met up with the wonderful officiant, and embarked on our 10-mile hike. The sun rose fast, and it became warmer and warmer. After talking about their cross country road trip and all of their favorite experiences together, we were almost to the top! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the hike went by. 

When we reached the top, we wandered around looking for the perfect place for the ceremony. We finally found a secluded, intimate place that was just perfect for these two to share their vows quietly. Davin and Claire started getting ready in separate locations, nervously awaiting the first look. 

After the final touches were complete, they shared their first look with the most breathtaking backdrop and the birds chirping in the background. It was one of the most serene first looks I have ever witnessed. 

These two started sharing their vows, followed by a few traditions that they had planned with the officiant, Arissa. The chipmunks were out, and the sun became more bright. Tears shed, and everyone was smiling ear to ear. The day was full of bliss. 

After their intimate ceremony, we decided to cool off in the cold, blue lake. We all froze together in silence, just admiring the beauty all around us. These big blue mountains have a way of making you feel so small. 

Elopements like these make me wonder how I got so lucky to do this as a career. I am so grateful for all of my couples and the experiences that I get to live with them. This was an elopement that I will remember forever, and I am so honored that Davin and Claire allowed me to photograph it for them. Interested in doing a sunrise elopement at Colchuck Lake too? Send me an inquiry!

Dress: BHLDN


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