August 26, 2019

Summer Nights at Sparks Lake, Couples Session


Bend, Oregon is on my places to visit and this couples session makes me want to go even more!

Me too!! It’s such a magical place!!!

This looks like such a sweet session!

It was a blast!

These are so dreamy and I love love the colors in your photos, the tones are perfection.

Thank you, Sam. That means so much!

okay!! How freaking AMAZING are these photos! This session is so fun and so cute! You captured it perfectly! I am so obsessed!

Wow that means so much, thank you my friend!

wow! I am in love with these colours! Amazing photos! I bet they loved the result. The look hot and happy!

Hahahaha thank you so much!!

Gah….anything water just melts my heart!!! Love this!

I couldn’t agree more!

Ahhh I have GOT to plan a trip to Oregon! It’s so gorgeous! Love how you can really see its beauty in your images!

Yes you definitely should, Oregon is so beautiful!! Thank you so much, Caroline!

Ah I love that they did basically their whole session in the water! These are so lovely, nice work!!

Thanks so much, Jess! It was a blast!

Great photos! It looked like you all had a blast, and they forgot you were there and just reveled in their love for each other. Great job!

OMG this makes me so happy, thank you Kate!

Woooow these are so so lovely! Looks like so much fun!

It was a blast! Thanks for checking it out!

These are so stinking cute!!!

Thanks so much Courtney!!

Oh man, their outfits are so perfect for an engagement session!

Aren’t they so fun?

these are so wonderful! this location, that light and couple. I mean talk about perfection. Also everyone has been telling me to check out bend and now I think I must!

You definitely should, it’s so beautiful!

Oooh these got steamy! I was expecting cute camping photos and then you turned up the heat 🙂 Good for them! These are awesome.

Hahaha I’m dead! It was such a blast!

SO so beautiful and I love how much emotion you captured!

Thank you SO much, that means a lot!

How cute they are together! Idea of wet lake session is the best. I will do it once. But not in Iceland:D too cold.

Hahaha thank you so much!! You should definitely do it sometime!

Wow amazing photos! Love the edits and the tones. Making me want to go visit Oregon!

Thank you so much! You definitely should, it’s such a magical place!