November 20, 2020

Studio Portraits in Downtown Portland, Oregon

  I don’t know where to begin with this studio portraits session in portland. There’s just something so peaceful about creating in an environment and using everything you have to make art and experiment. This shoot was so much fun to be apart of, and some beautiful vendors helped make this happen. The styling of this shoot was “cow” themed. The original idea was to shoot in on a farm with cows.

We had the best time visualizing different ideas and shooting the most beautiful model, Jem. She had actually had little to no experience in front of the camera. After 20 minutes of shooting, she owned it. She was moving so comfortably, making my job too easy.

We played with the different soft and harsh lighting coming in through the windows, foreground objects, plants, chairs, and so much more. I shot some slow super 8 of Jem in the studio moving around so peacefully – I cannot wait to get it developed!

 I’ve realized that making art and human connection is something I cherish so very much in my work. Slowing down and creating art meaningful to somebody while making my subject feel at ease is such a beautiful thing! I cannot wait for more studio shoots in the future here in Portland!

Wonderful vendors who made this possible:

Stylist: @brehantoddstyling |

Studio: @daylight_creative_space |

Makeup & creative: @shantillyartistry + @shantillygatherings

Please message me if you would like to set up a studio portraits session in Portland!




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