& Checklists

These meticulously designed resources will allow you to quickly and efficiently gain necessary information, create an action plan, and get to work.

Go into each shoot feeling confident, prepared, and relaxed.

The more you know about your client, the better the experience will be for both of you. By using this blueprint to guide your business, you can save valuable time where you need it most. 

With a detailed questionnaire, clients will immediately know they are in the right hands. Thorough, comprehensive questionnaires can save you hours of back and forth emails that zap time and energy. This questionnaire will help you learn about their background, expectations, needs, any accommodations, and special requests.

Checklists, on the other hand, ensure that not a single shot is missed. Because, let's be honest, it happens. While the questionnaire will help establish the exacts of the shot requests, the checklist will keep track of it all.

Staying organized and consistent is the key to keeping both you and your clients at ease. Having a blueprint to follow keeps you flowing through shoots with the ability to simply live in the moment. No more nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something or worrying that a client request was missed.

+ Website Contact Form Questions
+ Month Before Wedding Questions
+ Wedding Day Getting Ready Checklist
+ Couples / Engagement Session Questions
+ Senior Session Questions
+ Vendor Lists Checklist
+ Family Formal Shotlist Checklist
+ My Favorite Photography Programs

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Dawn Jarvis

"If you are a wedding photographer, this is for you!! It’s full of great questions to ask from the contact form to the questionnaire before their wedding! There are lots of great tips on how to communicate effectively with your clients at every step!! Brady, thank you so much for sharing your heart + knowledge with this amazing photography community!"

8 templates

to speed up your workflow

Get on the same page as your clients and start streamlining your workflow. I've been using these questionnaires and checklists for YEARS in my business and couldn't work without them. I cover everything you will need to know leading up to the session or wedding to help you feel the most prepared. Stop waiting around or double guessing yourself and get organized this year! 

Serving your clients has truly never been easier.