September 2, 2019

Painted Hills Couples Session, Eastern Oregon


Wow the colors are absolute fire in this session. I also love how you captured their intimacy—so sweet!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this kind message!

This color palette is life! Such dreamy tones and amazing calmness to this whole set!

Thank you April!!!

This blog post is insane. I love the way their outfits work with the colors of the Painted Hills. I love the nostalgic but still classic look of your edits. I love all the in-between moments. THese are perfection!!!

Wow that means so much! Thank you my friend!

So precious!! Love the warmth in these photos!

It twas a beautiful evening!

The softness of these images is amazing!! I love every single one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I wish I could have visited this magical place when I went to Portland!! These are gorgeous!

It’s definitely a must! Next time you’re here!!

Wow. WOW. Okay. Wow. This Painted Hills session is so gorgeous, it’s unreal! You photographed them beautifully, the florals are stunning, and the location is so drool-worthy!

Thank you, Taylor!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it. This location really is somethin’ special!

This location is stunning! I cant believe somewhere like this exists. Your edits were perfect for the colors. Did an amazing job capturing a fun day!

Thank you! Editing was a little tricky with skin tones and the red and pink palette going on, but it all came together at last!

What a beautiful painted hills session! I love your tones so much. Great job.

Thank you, Flora! That means a lot!