August 8, 2020

Oregon Coast Family Session

As many of you may know, I moved to Portland, Oregon, in July of 2019. Oh, if only I knew 2020 would be so chaotic! I visited the coast so much after I moved here. All of the Pacific Northwest inspired me. It always felt like a breath of fresh air when I stepped on the coastline, put my feet in the sand, watching the fog roll in and the tide go out—setting up bonfires, drinking hot coffee, and listening to folk playlists. Nothing felt better. The Oregon coast has such a massive place in my heart, and it always inspires me differently every time I visit. This Oregon coast family session is one that I love so much!

During my first year living in Oregon, I lived with a gal named Dakota Lynne. We had met the year previously on a whim when I was visiting Portland for an engagement session. We shared mutual friends and kept in touch over the following months. Little did I know at the time that she would become my best friend. We worked from home together, took photos, and were continually creating together. Over the months of getting to know her, I met her sweet, sweet family who lives a few hours north in Washington. Dakotas family is one that makes you feel so loved and cared for. They always welcomed me into their home, and I have shared so many wholesome memories with them.

Dakota is now living in New York City! She moved just a few weeks ago, and before she left, I had the privilege of documenting her family one last time before the cross country move. Dakota and I shared so many beautiful memories at Hug Point Beach (just 10 minutes south of Cannon Beach), and we wanted the rest of her family to experience it too! We traveled here one evening to take family photos and of course as soon as we arrived it started to rain. We decided to embrace everything that comes with the PNW. Unexpected rain, fog, and overcast. We stuck it out and made the most of our evening. We ran around the beach and shared many laughs. Dakota’s mother, Heidi, brought tons of food for an evening picnic, and we watched the sunset behind the water while enjoying homemade pasta, s’mores, and kombucha.

These are the kind of memories that I never want to forget. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to document this lovely family one more time together. Thank you for always having open arms. You’ve made the PNW feel like home.

Thinking about doing an Oregon Coast family session at Hug Point? Let’s get in touch!