December 3, 2019

Oregon Coast Anniversary at Sunset

I reached out to Tyler and Todd in hopes that they would want to be in a Human Rights Campaign shoot while they were driving through with their camper van. They are from Canada and were going along the West Coast and America for a few months -a dream, right?! Capturing these two and their Oregon Coast anniversary session was an absolute blast. We took neat photos outside the camper van, made a bonfire, had some wine, and then drove their truck to a secret beach that no one knew about. Fortunately, no one was there, and we had the whole area to ourselves! We were able to capture beautiful photos at sunset right before it got dark, and all of the stars came out. Afterward, we got back in the truck and drove back and camped out in the camper van. On the way back, we had a crazy encounter- we ran into a super drunk couple who had just flipped their truck and gotten it stuck in the sand…. of course, we helped them! It was hilarious, to say the least. And yes, we got their vehicle out, and everyone was safe! We went back and hung out in the camper van. The night included countless Jeffree Star videos, microwaved food, and laughter!

I am so glad that I had the chance to meet Tyler and Todd. They were so much fun and treated me like we had been best friends for years. I am so excited for all of the cool couples I will continue meeting by chance in the coming years!




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