Engagement photography at Casa Cody in Palm Springs, California

Engagement Photo Shoot At Casa Cody In Palm Springs

An engagement shoot is one of the first ways to really celebrate the life changing event that has just taken place for you and your partner. What better way to seal the memory of saying “Yes!” than commemorating the occasion with a unique photo shoot. In Palm Springs, there is a huge variety of locations to choose from for your shoot, but Casa Cody comes in towards the top of the list. This stunning space offers historic grounds, iconic mountain views, and traditional Spanish architecture. Enjoy this engagement photos shoot at Casa Cody in Palm Springs, California.


The Romantic Vibe

Truthfully, almost every location you find in Palm Springs is going to ooze romance and love, because that is one of the best things about this city. Casa Cody focuses in even more on this lovey vibe and has cultivated a truly romantic oasis that encompasses everything a newly engaged couple could want. Quaint and cozy rooms, lush private grounds, and lovely lounge spots to soak up a sunset. Even if you aren’t staying at the resort, you can still capitalize on all of the amazing perks by including them in your shoot.


The Neutral Aesthetic

While Palm Springs is known for its bright pops of color, Casa Cody features a more neutral aesthetic that makes for a classy, clean, and more traditional setting for engagement photos. Whether your idea is to adorn pops of color to stand out or to keep with a white wedding aesthetic, Casa Cody can accommodate what you’re going for. One of the most exciting parts about engagement shoots is the possibilities. During your wedding day, you don’t have an opportunity to try on multiple looks with varying color schemes. But with engagement photos, it can feel like you’ve had multiple shoots all in one! Casa Cody can help make this even easier to accomplish with scenery that compliments any look.


The Scenic Backdrop

With this shoot location, you are able to take full advantage of the iconic Palm Springs views that make for the most incredible photos. Sky high mountain tops, quirky palm trees, and the general desert vibe is such a fun way to kick start your collection of wedding related memories. You can truly tailor your photos by being intentional about what elements you most want included in the photos. For example, you could focus in on the mid century modern architecture and rent a home for an in-home shoot to truly live out your Palm Springs fantasy. Or, you could opt for a pool side shoot with cocktails in hand. 


Casa Cody is just one of the many incredible engagement shoot spots you can choose from in Palm Springs. No matter what you end up choosing, you’ll end up with top notch, timeless photos that you can look back on forever. Reach out to chat more about your engagement session or wedding!

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