Seal The Deal With Strategic Emails

A well-constructed, professional email is the key to transforming an open lead into a booked client.

Are you tired of writing new emails from scratch every day? Do you feel like you waste valuable time creating an email, deciding it isn't right, and erasing it? Or perhaps you send emails and realize that there's a typo and missing information you meant to include? This is a quick way to spend hours of wasted time in your inbox when you could be out in the field, shooting clients.

Your photoshoots are never cookie cutter, so your emails shouldn't be either. Having distinct templates at the ready for each unique need is crucial for saving time and energy.

It can feel defeating when you don't have a strategic plan set in place. As photography business owners, we have so many hats to wear. Shooting, editing, marketing, outreach, and planning are just a few of the tasks we juggle daily. We are all truly a team of one. On top of all that, we have personal lives to consider as well. Wouldn't you prefer to spend more time relaxing instead of writing the emails you need to seal the deal and book the client? 

Stop wasting precious time and start converting those dream inquiries into paying clients. With a strategic plan and well-worded emails to stay organized, you can feel confident your brand and message are being conveyed professionally and accurately. 

Photography is your passion.
Writing emails is not.

what's included?

+ Initial Inquiry
+ Ready To Book Email
+ Already Booked Email
+ Handling Discounts
+ Not A Good Fit
+ Sending Pricing & Packages
+ Welcome Email After Booking
+ Outfit Guide & Location Guide Email
+ Vendor Introduction
+ 1 Month Before Wedding Email
+ 1 Week Before Wedding Email
+ Wedding Sneak Peeks
+ Requesting A Review 
+ Print Sales & Album Design Email

Email Templates

+ Reflecting on how you view emails
+ Setting up a successful website contact form
+ Finding your brand voice


+ Import Emails into HoneyBook
+ Creating An Email Footer
+ My Favorite Photography Tools


who is this course for?

Create a high-end client experience and educating your clients is SO important! Start providing more for your couples and add more value into your business.


This email course will keep you on track so that you never forget to send an email and give the tools you need to stay on track and keep each client organized!


Do you want to start creating a full-service experience for your clients and want to walk them through every step of your process seamlessly but don't know where to begin?


Are you forgetting to send important emails to your clients? Maybe you're having trouble keeping a consistent client experience for everyone?


Leah Dawson

"Brady, I am seriously so obsessed with these email templates! They sped up my email press and were easy to customize and integrate into my HoneyBook workflow!"

Beba Vowels

"These templates are so so good! I wish I had something like this when I was first starting. Brady has such a rad approach to it. He does a great job at making them unique while also being able to be sent out to multiple people without too much time needed customizing! 10/10 recommend"

30 pages

16 Templates & 6 Bonus Tools

This guide will walk you through a chronological wedding client experience with emails for each step. Each section will have a place for you to write your emails based on examples and tips given so that your emails can match your brand and personality. Start writing concise yet educational emails and provide value! Then watch your inquiries turn into paying clients! 

ready to invest in yourself & your business?