Online is the easiest form of education! We will jump on a Skype call and discuss workflow, editing, business strategies, and social media/website tips. During this two hour session, you can ask away and I will give you all of the information I know! I'm here to help you succeed and flourish in your business dreams. 

online mentorship


One-on-one mentorships are a little more personal! We will start by discussing all the business questions you could imagine over coffee and food! I’ll show you my entire workflow and the programs I use when it comes to efficiency and client management. I will set up a session with a couple at a nearby location to Portland and you will have a chance to shoot portfolio work. You will see how I interact and direct couples to get emotions and authenticity. Afterward, we will edit the session together. I will teach you editing techniques that will speed up your workflow while keeping your work consistent. 




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