If there is one piece of advice, I could give to any couple getting married it would be to do what you TRULY want. It's so easy to fall into the scheme of a "wedding production," but it doesn't have to be like that. I know it sounds crucial now, but in the end, it honestly won't matter what colors the table cloths are, who’s sitting where or if you have grass stains on the bottom of your dress. Your wedding day is to celebrate you and the love of your life and experience these special moments. Close all of your Pinterest tabs and really think about what YOU want to do, where YOU want to go & who YOU want to celebrate with. That’s what will create the most significant memory that will resonate with you forever & I will be there to document it all because in the end the only tangible item you will have to take away are photographs. I'd say thats pretty important. 

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it would be an honor to document your day.




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