Coastal Engagement Session in Long Beach, CA

Opting for a coastal backdrop for your engagement photo shoot is one of the best decisions you could make. When it comes to embodying relaxation, peace, and tranquility, there is honestly no better location. Going into your wedding, soaking up every moment of peace is important to ensure you make the most of the experience. Below are some of my favorite tips and tricks for an incredible coastal engagement session that wows. View Aleksandra and Zac’s coastal engagement session in Long Beach.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

This is your engagement shoot, so don’t set limitations for yourself regarding outfit choices and incorporating color. Although white and neutrals make for lovely photos, adding in pops of color or even taking advantage of multiple outfit changes is a great way to diversify your photos and make the most of your shoot. Utilizing soft reds, greens, or blues can blend beautifully with the natural colors seen at the beach. Then, consider sticking to lighter colors during golden hour photos, allowing the stunning sunset colors to truly shine. Ultimately, there are no rules, and you can feel free to add as much (or as little) color as you would like!


Focus On Sunrise Or Sunset

The best times of the day for a coastal photo shoot are either in the early morning or around sunset. The reasoning behind this is that the lighting is at its best at these times, and the crowd is likely to be thinner. Avoiding busy beaches is essential because the last thing you want is strangers walking through your photos. The process is much smoother when avoiding peak times, and the incredible lighting will make it worth the early wake-up call for those who choose mornings.


Come Prepared

Making sure you have everything you need (or may need) is important to ensure you’ll get every shot you want at your engagement shoot. Many couples bring props like wedding signage, hats, champagne, and more. Planning out what items you may want to include in your photos and packing them ahead of time is highly recommended, especially since you will be traveling to a coastal destination. Including personalization in your photos is another way to make them unique and memorable.


Embrace The Water

Some of the most impressive beachfront photos involve physically interacting with the water. While simply using it as a backdrop is great, it adds a layer of fun and dimension to the photos when you play around with the water. Some examples of this are wadding in up to the knees, jumping in entirely towards the end of the shoot, or holding hands in the sand as the waves roll over you. Not only are these options great for achieving gorgeous photos, but you will also have a blast taking them!


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