December 3, 2020

Autumn Portraits in Portland Oregon

I met Amelia in October 2019 and we instantly became friends. The way we got connected is such a funny story! Amelia was visiting Portland, Oregon, from sunny Los Angeles to get a glimpse of the autumn weather. Before she landed, her plans with a friend suddenly changed, and she didn’t have a place to stay anymore. After she reached out to a few other friends, she was somehow was directed in my direction!

We agreed to host Amelia during her four day trip in Oregon and gave her a place to stay. Since Dakota and I were both self-employed, we were excited to have another creative in our house for the week. I immediately knew that Amelia and I were going to get along well! We started bonding over photography and had the same sense of humor. During her time in the Pacific Northwest, I showed her all of my favorite coffee shops, we went thrifting and did so many touristy things that I wouldn’t normally do. We stayed in an airstream for a night, went to a creepy cafe at midnight, and went to the movie theatre to watch The Joker. While Amelia was in town, I believe I did more in four days than I had done in a month; it was SO much fun. 

Amelia ended up extending her flight again and again because we couldn’t stop coming up with fun ideas while she was here. 

We kept in touch over the year, and Amelia luckily returned to Portland this year as well. Due to the pandemic and all the craziness in the world, I was so grateful she could make it again. Our time together is nothing short of thrilling, and we always know how to make a good time great. Until next year, friend! 

Amelia Edmondson 

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