3 Reasons To Pick Palm Springs For Your Desert Wedding

When it comes to picking a spot for your dream wedding, you need a location that reflects the fun-loving, unique couple that you are. Palm Springs is a city that provides a type of magic that truly can not be found anywhere else. Known for its mid-century architecture, breezy palm trees, luxury hotels, and vibrant personality, this city is the absolute epitome of fabulous. Below are our top 3 reasons to consider Palm Springs for your dreamy desert wedding location.


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The Vibe

When thinking of Palm Springs, some of the first aspects that come to mind are the rich colors, mid-century-style buildings, and the overall energy of the city. What makes Palm Springs so unique is the experience you get when visiting this eclectic spot. It is the perfect combination of both laid-back and sophisticated while maintaining an essence of exclusivity. This is what makes it such an ideal dream wedding location. Charming streets lined with quaint shops, restaurants, and lively gay clubs give visitors a taste of what this city is known for. The air of acceptance for all types of people makes it a welcoming, vibrant, and genuinely happy place to be.


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The Photo Ops

Are you looking for ionic, timeless photos that will never go out of style? There is no better location to achieve this than Palm Springs. Between the golden-hour photo-ops, the breathtaking views, and the general vintage style of this city, it is sure to provide some of the most incredible photos you have ever seen. The old Hollywood essence of the city is easily captured on film. With over 350 days per year of sunshine, the weather can be counted on to provide ideal lighting and jaw-dropping sunsets. This city also provides diverse photoshoot locations that suit every style. Whether you’re interested in a lush garden, a quirky and colorful backdrop, or a cactus-adorned desert, you’re given countless options to choose from.


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The Location

Surrounded by forested mountains, this desert location provides the best of both worlds when it comes to scenery. You will experience gorgeous weather that allows for year-round swimming while also being a mere two hours from the ocean. Because of this, Palm Springs makes for a perfect spot to stay for your honeymoon as well. If you’re interested in even more iconic desert views, head an hour up the road to Joshua Tree National Park. Southern California, in general, provides some of the most stunning locations that will further make your wedding unforgettable. Why settle for a location that offers only one style when you can choose one with many!


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Experience the luxury of Palm Springs yourself, and you will quickly witness the magic that exists in this city. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, this dream wedding location is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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